Friday, October 26, 2012

Winter is coming

A quick mural, completed in a half day, for a couple who wanted to "frame" their old snowshoes with a winter scene.  The project was finished with a light brushing of "Ice Cap" glitter glaze on the tree branches.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The BLU Restaurant Project

With fall upon us, I thought it best to get back to my routine of blog posting my latest work.  It was a very productive summer, with plenty of variety to my workload.  The largest project was the new BLU Restaurant at 20 Water Street in East Greenwich.  The dining room is now open, so you can go and see my work up close!

Restaurant design rendering under the direction of Skovron Interior Design.  This was my first rendering in a very long time, which had a heck of a learning curve for me.  Thank goodness my husband paid attention in drafting class, and he is a really good teacher! (Angles in this image are distorted due to my camera.)

The three piece abstract on aluminum for the dining room was great fun to do.

The collaboration with Lucid Glass & Skovron Interior Design to create a Miami style bar was exciting.  Each section of acrylic was hand painted and arranged by me, then assembled and installed by the artisans at Lucid Glass Studio.

And finally, the original tavern sign was refurbished.